The lot
Eggs ,bacon, tomatoes, sausages, mushrooms and hash brown served with toast.
Eggs Florentine
Poached eggs,spinach,hollandaise sauce,avocado and smoked salmon served with toast.
poached eggs, bacon,tomatoes, mushrooms and hollandaise sauce serve with toast
Eggs on Toast
Free range eggs served with continental toast
Eggs and Bacon
Eggs and Bacon served with continental toast
Veg Omelette
Roast capsicum, tomatoes, mushroom,spinach,chees and onion served with toast
Meat omelette
Ham,Salami, onion, chilli, cheese and olives served with toast
Fried egg, bacon, cheese, onion and fresh tomato and BBQ sauce
House made pancakes served with ice cream and maple syrup
Kid Pancake
Pancake serve with maple syrup and ice cream
Continental toast 4 pieces
Tomatoes $2, Egg $2, Sausage $2, Hashbrown $2, Mushroom $2, Bacon $3, Spinach $2, Hollandaise sauce $2


Marinated fresh tomato, olive oil and fresh basil with 2 pieces toast.
Garlic Bread
4 pieces toasted bread with garlic butter and parsley.
Garlic Pizza
9” pizza base with garlic, olive oil and fresh basial
Rice balls with ham and cheese served with Nap sauce and cheese
Prawn Twisters
Prawns wrapped in filo pastry served with sweet chilli
Italian Meatballs
Italian meatballs served with nap sauce and cheese
Chilli Mussels
Fresh Mussels cooked with white wine chilli tomato and herbs.
King Prawns Cocktail
7 king prawns served with lettuce and Amici special seafood sauce.
Natural $3/Each and Kilpatrick $3.50
Hot Chips
served with tomato sauce
served with sour cream and sweet chilli
Warm Chicken Salad
Char grilled chicken breast, mixed Lettuce, cucumber, tomato, olives, onion, capsicum, feta and Italian dressing
Lamb Salad
Marinated lam, mix lettuce, onion, tomato, feta with amici special dressing
Greek Salad
Mix lettuce, cucumber, red onion, capsicum, olives, fetta and dressing
Chicken Caesar Salad
Cos lettuce ,bacon ,shave parmesan, poached egg, sundried tomato, anchovies and croutons with Caesar dressing.
Caesar Salad
Cos lettuce ,bacon ,shave parmesan, poached egg, sundried tomato, anchovies and croutons with Caesar dressing.
Braised Vegetables
Seasonal vegetables cooked with grilled chicken, onion, mushrooms ,roast capsicum and spinach.


All pizza with tomato and mozzarella base Except Schiacciata.
9” gluten free base available extra $3. King Size Pickup and Delivery only.
Small 9"
Large 12"
Family 15"
King Size 18"
Extra topping 9"
Cooked Pizza base with garlic butter, marinated slice tomatoes, bocconcini, drizzled with olive oil and oregano.
Amici Special
Ham , salami, mushroom, fresh capsicum and olives
Aussie BBQ
Ham, bacon, onion and topping with BBQ Sauce.
BBQ Chicken
Chicken, red onion and topping with BBQ Sauce.
Chicken Tropical
Chicken, pineapple with fresh basil.
Ham and pineapple.
Hot Special
Bacon, Mushroom, olives and chilli.
Salami, mushroom, capsicum and olives.
The Lot
Ham, salami, bacon, mushroom, capsicum, pineapple, olives.
Leg ham, olives, mushroom and bocconcini
Chef Special
Ham, salami, mushroom, pineapple, prawns, garlic
Pepperoni, red onion ,fresh capsicum, garlic, chilli and oregano.
Marinated slice tomato, oregano & fresh basil.
Ham, salami, bacon, chicken with BBQ sauce.
lots of pepperoni and lots of cheese.
Fresh tomatoes,Fetta,capsicum,olives.
Mushroom, fresh capsicum, pineapple, and olives.
SA Water
Fresh prawns, smoked mussels, calamari, anchovies, tomatoes and chilli
Anchovies,olives and oregano


King Size
Gourmet Garden
Roast capsicam, pumpkin, sundried tomatoes, olives, bocconcini, garlic and fresh basil,
Lamb Yiros
Marinated lamb yiros , fresh tomato, red onion topping with cos lettuce and tzatziki sauce.
Gourmet Chicken
Chicken,moshroom,bacon and roast capsicum
House special
Salami, mushroom, roast capsicum, olives,eggplant, boconccini, fresh tomato,artichoke, garlic, oregano, chilli and fresh basil.
Gourmet Vegetarian
char grilled eggplant, roast capsicum, mushroom, artichoke
Pizza pastry filled with your choice of the above toppings with Bolognese or nap sauce
Gurmet Filling
Pizza pastry filled with your choice of the above toppings with Bolognese or nap sauce


Steak Burger
Sliced steak, sautéed onion,tomato,cheese and lettuce, mayo sauce served with chips.
Chicken tropical Burger
Chicken,pineapple,avocado,lettuce and cheese served with chips.
Fish Burger
Fried calamari,tomato, lettuce and tartare sauce served with chips.
American Burger
American beef petties,bacon,tomato,onion,lettuce, cheese and mayo sauce served with chips.
Chicken Caesar Burger
Crumbed chicken breast,tomato,lettuce,onion,cheese and Caesar dressing served with chips.

Amici Pasta

All pasta
cooked with Garlic, Onion, wine, little parmesan and fresh herbs.
Available pasta:
Penne, Fettuccine, Spaghetti,
House made
Gnocchi, Tortellini and Gluten free Penne
Entry served deduct
king prawns, calamari and mussels cooked with olive oil, fresh tomatoes, napolitana sauce
Crab meat, chilli, garlic, fresh tomatoes, basil in a rose sauce
Prawns, capers, chilli, baby spinach with rose sauce
Smokey Pasta
Smoked salmon,capers,baby spinach,avocado in a cream sauce
Salami, olives, roast capsicum, mushrooms, fresh tomatoes chilli, baby spinach, tomato sauce.
Con Pollo
Diced chicken breast, spinach, mushrooms, fresh tomatoes with rose sauce
Alla Panna
Leg ham, mushroom with rich cream sauce
Traditional bacon and egg cooked with rich crème sauce
Barossa bacon, fresh tomatoes, olives and fresh chilli in nap sauce
Fresh tomatoes and chilli, anchovies, olives, capers in a tomato sauce
Seasonal vegetables with tomato sauce
Quality Beef minced, tomatoes , onion, garlic and harbes
Tomato, onion, garlic and fresh basil
House made meatballs with authentic nap sauce
Layers of pasta filled with hame, eggs, parmesan and mozzarella cheese with Bolognese sauce


Risotto Pollo
Arborio rice, chicken breast, mushrooms, spinach in rose sauce
Pumpkin Risotto
Arbrio rice, pumpkin, spinach, cheese and cream sauce
Risotto Marinara
Arborio rice, fresh king prawns, calamari, mussels, fresh tomatoes in Nap sauce

Seafood & Mains

Seafood Platter
Grilled Barramundi, calamari, king prawns served with chips , salad, tartare sauce and lemon/vegetables
Fish and Chips
Battered Barramundi served with chips, salad, tartare sauce and lemon
Barramundi Con Limone
Grilled barramundi with creamy garlic lemon sauce served with vegetable
Dusted in salt and pepper flour served with chips,salad, tartare sauce and lemon.
Garlick Prawns
king prawns cooked with garlic, onion and cream served with jasmine rice, and lemon
Chilli Prawns
King Prawns cooked with onion, garlic, sweet chilli, white wine served with rice and lemon
Scaloppini Funghi
pan fried veal cooked with creamy garlic mushroom sauce served with vegetable
Veal Pizzaiola
Pan fried veal cooked with onion, Garlic, roast capsicum, tomato, mushroom, spinach, olives, chilli and red sauce served with vegetable.
Chicken Pizzaiola
Grilled chicken breast cooked with mushroom, spinach, capsicum ,onion ,garlic ,olives, chilli and tomato sauce served with Vegetable
Chicken Bianco
Grilled chicken breast cooked with bacon, mushroom, sundried tomatoes, spinach and cream sauce served with vegetable
Pollo con Avocado
Grilled chicken breast cooked in garlic, mushroom, avocado in cream sauce serve with vegetable
Lamb Shank
Slow cooked lamb shank with vegetables and herbs served with creamy mash potato.
Crumb fried chicken or veal schnitzel topped with nap sauce and mozzarella served with chips and salad
Cotoletta (schnitzel)
Crumb fried chicken or veal schnitzel served with chips and salad
Scotch Fillet
300 Gm Grain fed scotch fillet served with chips and salad and sauce
T - Bone
300 Gm Grain fed T bone served with veg/chips and salad and sauce
Sides and Sauces
$3 each
Mushroom, Pepper, Gravy, Diane and Red wine sauce
Sides and Sauces
$4 each
Chips, Side Salad, Rice, vegetables,
Sides and Sauces
$5 each
Surf and Turf

Amici Dessert

Gelati/Ice cream
A range of flavours, please see our gelati fridge
Chocolate Pizza
Melted Chocolate, Banana, ice cream on 9”pizza base

Kids Plates

Kids Pasta
Penne with nap/bolo sauce
Fish and Chips
Barramundi battered served with chips and tomato sauce
Kids Nuggets
Chicken nuggets served with chips and tomato sauce
Kids Schnitzel
Chicken schnitzel served with chips and tomato sauce
Kids Pizza
9" pizza base topped ham, pineapple and cheese

Big range of Amici Drinks Menu located on the Table